Saturday, 3 January 2009


19/11/08, ENO

Missed it. Too knackered, had to get up early next morning to go to Manchester. Went home to bed. A and D didn’t think much to it.

Text from A: “Well, far as I’m concerned, you made correct choice 2 bail last nite! A very long 2 hrs & 10, relentless & a bit dull & I’m absolutely shattered. We were 2 far away & the set very dark & v static, lots of standing around anguishing w/ lots of serfs pleading. Boris gave it his best but he was more like the slimy bank mgr in the telly ad than an anguished Tsar.”

To which D emailed: “It was a bit gloomy and a very grey set, some thunderous music and I was very pleased I’d seen the play otherwise I’m not sure I would have understood what was what. Main trouble was Boris wasn’t Godunov (geddit) he was large and ponderous and couldn’t act, spose the singing was OK.”

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