Saturday, 7 March 2009


4/3/09, Donmar at Wyndhams.

The one with Derek Jacobi as Malvolio. Missed it: had to work. D went with G and J and said it was excellent: funny, well-cast, Jacobi reminded her of Frankie Howerd (going a little over the top perhaps?), Indira Varma as Olivia very beautiful and very witty, Toby Belch and Aguecheek respectively short and fat and tall and thin, as required, in linen suits. Viola played by the understudy: a bit shouty to start but then settled down well. D was particularly impressed by the set (a series of louvred doors the entire height of the stage and a wooden deck-like floor) and the lighting. No furniture or props but for the odd letter and a chaise longue (briefly) at the start and a beach-style wind-break. When the doors opened the lighting suggested a beach. It was full: a very responsibe audience.

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