Monday, 22 February 2010


20/2/10, West Yorkshire Playhouse

Which could be subtitled Rolf Saxon and Kelly McGillis in the Altogether. That's Kelly McGillis as in Top Gun's Kelly McGillis, now 52 (how one's youth evaporates). At their age this is what they call "brave" (or, if uncharitable, "foolhardy"). He was good, she was a bit disappointing, the play (about middle-aged love) may have been ground-breaking in the 80s but looks a little tired now. Three scenes of post-coital discussion (we heard the coitus before the lights went up at the start, noisy and enthusiastic: the Boy was with us and probably deeply embarrassed by I didn't enquire) in which an ageing chef (he starts off claiming to be in his late 30s and ends up confessing to 50, if I remember) and the waitress he's been flirting with at work fence about relationships and commitment and the rest and cook food together. They've both been bruised. Being American it ended happily if sentimentally, but was essentially unmemorable.

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