Friday, 28 May 2010


26/5/10, Hampstead

Jonathan Harvey's latest. He's still ploughing the same old furrow, but he does it intelligently and with a warm and sympathetic heart.

A chief constable (Philip Voss) is outed as a closet gay when it emerges that he had an affair with another young man in his youth but was persuaded, to save his career, to accuse the other guy of raping him.

Three months on (didn't manage to write it up at the time) the details have faded. But I can recall a Machiavellian gay TV host, a scene of a gay man in the 1960s being given aversion therapy, Paula Wilcox as the police chief's wife (and Mrs Thatcher) and a general sense that it was well-done if not groundbreaking.

The second act begins with Voss in drag as Mary Whitehouse conducting one of her early mass meetings which is interrupted by gay activists scattered around the audience.

There's a Big Secret which is revealed towards the end but I can't remember what it was!

Reminded of me Nick de Jong's

Here are some reviews.

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