Wednesday, 19 August 2009


18/8/09, Pleasance Dome (Edinburgh Fringe)

Two women singing witty songs, Sarah Adams the Australian dikey one, Lisa Rae the kooky English one. They both played guitars; Adams had a banjo too, and Rae a ukelele. We were given button badges as we came in with the titles of some of their songs: Middle Class Mum, Shit Shop. Half way through we caught a fortune cookie. Despite the rather fey window-dressing the songs were often sharply satirical: Middle Class Mum was about those smug yummie mummies; there was one about taking the kids on a ghastly camping holiday; another parody of a black rap song supposedly aimed at kids urging them to pick up litter which went "Put it in me bin, me big black bin..." as Rae stuck her bottom out at Adams: inoffensively offensive.

It passed the time entertainingly enough.

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