Saturday, 22 August 2009


22/8/09, Zoo Southside (Edinburgh Fringe)

Normally we steer clear of variety acts. Yet today we saw three -- and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Fhlip-Fhlop is engaging, funny, slick. Two decorators slip in and out of hip-hop routines: dance, mouth music, mime, DJ-ing, with the aid of loads of props, a pair of mixing decks and a wonderful sense of humour.

They were a top-notch double act, Matt Bailey and Joey D, who call themselves Rannel Theatre Company. S liked the way first one, then the other would take the dominant role (the naive, hapless one turned out to be by far the better dancer; the clever-clogs know-all turned out to be a bit of a dork who couldn't get the girl). I liked the fight with flip-flops and the breakdancing (there was only the one real dance routine, but it was spectacular). D liked the clever use of music from all genres and the amplified sound effects of bullets, swords, fists, broken glass and the rest to which they mimed a fight.

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