Tuesday, 17 November 2009


It's now a year since I started this blog (though for some reason the first two or three months' entries all appear as January 2009).

It's still going, which is one achievement and something of a surprise, given how often I delay writing something up until the memory is fading. Best to write notes on the bus home immediately afterwards, but I'm often too tired.

It hasn't turned into the word-of-mouth sensation I secretly hoped, but that's probably no bad thing: my lucubrations aren't really of widely merchantable quality.

I think the entries have changed in character, too. At the start I was very keen to capture in great detail the "feel" and look of a production. That probably made for rather boring, anal entries. As time has passed they've become looser, sloppier, more subjective, more like run of the mill newspaper reviews. Probably inevitable.

And reading some of the early entries I find I still can't remember many of the productions I wrote about, even though the whole idea was to create an aide memoire. The things that are good enough to remember you remember anyway, with or without this.

But I am still scandalously incompetent at the technical side of this. I can do pictures, just, though it seems to take an age (which is why there aren't more of them) and I can insert links to reviews. But hyperlinks? Must find out how to do those.

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