Sunday, 8 November 2009


6/11/09, Sadlers Wells

Missed it. Had to work late.

D said there were three pieces, two with decent music (St Saens' Carnival of the Animals and Schubert or Schumann -- cf Mark Morris), one with modern music. First piece very energetic and angular but fluid; the second (Carnival) very charming and cheerful and jolly and witty, danced in white tails, creating the animals including a male dancer flapping his arms cleverly to represent a swan. The third piece set to modern music dedicated to Darwin: dancers emerged from pods like eggs on stage, dressed in full length leotards (white at the front, balck at the back) against a dark backdrop. Surreal. One was draped in silver foil and then emerged, leaving the costume on the stage behind him, a kind of squatting godlike figure or idol; at the end they crushed the idol. Not as joyous as Mark Morris but well-received.

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