Thursday, 15 March 2012


... or rather more.

Somewhere towards the end of 2010 the steam ran out of this blog. Lack of time probably had something to do with it (having to read a good many books for work was certainly a contributory factor), although there other reasons for giving up: disenchantment with the fact that nobody seemed remotely interested in it; ambiguity about just how it meshed with my other work as a journalist; the fact that I'd started tweeting regularly and (apart from the time-consuming distraction that represented) I wasn't clear how to combine the two activities, particularly when we'd been to a preview and tweeting/blogging views ahead of the official first night meant in effect breaking an embargo.

However, the reason for starting it in the first place (the fact that I wanted a purely personal aide memoire because so many of the productions we see subsequently fade dramatically in the memory) hadn't gone away. And over the past year I've often regretted not being able to look back at what we've seen and what I thought of it, and occasionally also regretted not having a forum to record a strongly-held opinion or a vivid impression.

So I'm starting again, or planning to. Probably at less length than in the past. No doubt erratically.

And we'll start with a few brief notes, month by month, on what we've seen during the break.

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