Thursday, 15 March 2012


On 3/10/11 we went to Stephen Poliakoff's My City at the Almeida. I have no unprompted memory of this whatever.

Here's a review. It starred Tracey Ullman, apparently, but still the memory remains unjogged, from which one must conclude it failed:

On 7, 8 and 9/10/11 we were at Harwich Sea Shanty Festival. I have quite a few (happy) memories of this, which considering how much of the weekend was spent in Harwich's charming pubs is striking. Here's a few best bits. Two old boys in big white beards, boots and jerseys singing South Australia and the Rosabella and other standards on an old Thames wherry moored on the floating jetty from which the ferry across the estuary leaves. Taking the same wherry out under sail up past Parkstone Quay and back while listening to (a not very good) trio from Clacton or Frinton or somewhere. A German male-voice choir singing in Harwich's extraordinary circular fort, their voices echoing around the great round open air well inside: they weren't very good, their English was a bit galumphing and the youngest was about 65 but they were enjoying themselves. Paul Sirman, a singer-songwriter and a lovely man, performing solo in one of the pubs despite being unwell, apparently: you couldn't tell. Watching the gigantic container ships coming and going, loading and unloading, across the estuary at Felixstowe (nothing to do with the music, that, but memorable). Less good: the interminable evening concert in the overcrowded sailing club, marred by one particularly egregious man who evidently thought he was brilliant but wasn't, and wouldn't get off.

On 12/10/11 we went to The Marriage of Figaro at ENO.

On 17/10/11 we went to Bang Bang Bang at the Royal Court.

On 18/10/11 we went to a concert of Tudor Music at Austin Friars.

On 21/10/11 we saw The Flying Dutchman at Covent Garden.

On 22/10/11 we saw The Taming of the Shrew at Southwark.

On 24/10/11 we saw Fabulous Beast at Sadlers Wells.

On 25/10/11 we saw Edward Bond's Saved at the Lyric, Hammersmith. This was the only truly memorable thing we saw this month (apart from the Sea Shanties and Fabulous Beast).

On 31/10/11 we saw Jumpy at the Royal Court.

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